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French Spotify music for a holiday in Provence

french book old
This is the album image (photo of decoration from our gite Saint Michel) from our Spotify playlist. It is our selection of contemporary French music to listen to before the holidays, during the trip or on the spot. By listening to the music you will get completely in the holiday mood ....
Here is the playlist link Mas Tour du Monde - French music

courtyard old french farm
Secondly, a playlist with old goodbye .... with a photo of the courtyard of our farm before the renovation ...
Here is the playlist link Mas Tour du Monde - French Classics

Healthy forest walks during your holiday

forest provence
Several studies have shown that walking in a forest is very healthy. It does not have to be a very long walk. A walk of 30 minutes already has a positive effect. In Japan they even have a separate expression for it "Shinrin yoku" that means literally translated forest baths. Walking is the forest provides 1) stress reduction 2) heart rate and blood pressure reduction 3) morality improvement 4) immune system boost 5) digestion improvement 6) lifetime extension 7) improvement of concentration. In a forest phytoncides are present which are substances that are excreted by trees and plants to protect themselves against germs and insects. The inhaling of this air is very healthy. With us you walk within 5 minutes in the forest and around you will find forests everywhere. This way your holiday can be health-promoting. A nice bonus!

Hike from Gigondas towards the Dentelles de Montmirail

gigondas hike landscape
This photo was taken during a walk with the attractive village of Gigondas as starting point. The walk goes from the main square into the hills and has a wide viewpoint on the way. In the village you can have a nice lunch before or after a nice restaurant in the village. The walk is on our Wikiloc page so you can easily download it with a mobile device and check it out.
 Link to hike from Gigondas.


Lunch in Provence with a plat du jour

plat du jour provence france
Lunch is sacred in the Provence for most residents. Almost all employees of French companies get the "chèque Déjeuner" which they can use to eat outside the door at noon. The price of a "flat du jour" is often low priced to attract employees. Of course the tourists also benefit from this.... The daily menu stands for a fixed menu with some variation. The person who wants to order from the card or "a la carte" obviously pays more.


MTB mountain bike rental at the Mont Ventoux

bike rental malaucene provence
In Malaucene at the foot of Mont Ventoux you can rent various MTB mountain bikes and book online at the following address.
Provence Cycles Malaucène
It may be convenient and practical to arrange the rental from home as the availability may be limited on a certain day.
In addition to MTB bikes, they also offer all-terrain bikes, electric bikes, and race bikes for rental.
The bike shop is located on the right as you enter Malaucene from Vaison la Romaine.

p.s. we have no commercial interests in mentioning this bike rental business but rather personal positive experiences.

Bike rental

Gran Fondo bike tour Mont Ventoux

granfondo bike tour mont ventoux
The Granfondo Mont Ventoux belongs to the Grand trophée series. It is a collection of tough bike tours in France that are organized every year. Because of the popularity it is wise to register as soon as possible. The Mont Ventoux version will be organized in 2019 on Saturday, June 1st. It is a tour of 170 km with 4000 altitude climbing meters. It is a tour where you have to train hard for to get to the finish. Look for more info at

Mont Ventoux, Bike route

Facilities in the area

  • Baker in Entrechaux 0.6 miles away
  • Mini supermarkt in Entrechaux
  • 2 Bars en 3 restaurants in Entrechaux
  • Supermarkets in Vaison la Romaine at 3.7 miles

We are in southern France at 24 miles (40 km) from Avignon and 74 miles (120 km) from Marseille. It is hilly here with many forests, vineyards and olive groves and the Mont Ventoux that extends everywhere.


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We will be very pleased to welcome you as our guest.
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