Bike rental around Mont Ventoux

Tour de France 2009 Armstrong and Contador
Photo: Personal photo of Tour de France 2009 at Brantes

Exploring the surrounding area and Mont Ventoux requires the necessary effort. Just like transporting your own (race) bike. Around the Mont Ventoux there are several rental companies with high quality bicycles. Here are the links to two rental companies at the foot of the Ventoux.
Visit the website
Visit the website

Drone video of the climb of the Mont Ventoux

mont ventoux in the clouds
Recently I made a short video with my new MI Drone from a friend of ours who climbed the Mont Ventoux. At the time the top was in the clouds and is was quite windy so a challenge for the drone and me. The video clearly shows that you have to be well prepared for the climb and take clothes with you for different weather conditions. It may be that when you leave at the bottom with beautiful weather and that it haunts above...
The video was made appropriate in the bend at the Col des Tempêtes (storm) while the Ventouxman (triathlon race) approached the Ventoux.
Here is the link to the page on our website where even more drone films will appear in the future.
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Gran Fondo bike tour Mont Ventoux

granfondo bike tour mont ventoux
The Granfondo Mont Ventoux belongs to the Grand trophée series. It is a collection of tough bike tours in France that are organized every year. Because of the popularity it is wise to register as soon as possible. The Mont Ventoux version will be organized in 2019 on Saturday, June 1st. It is a tour of 170 km with 4000 altitude climbing meters. It is a tour where you have to train hard for to get to the finish. Look for more info at

How tall is the Mont Ventoux ?

sommet indication Mont Ventoux 1912 meters
This photo shows that the sommet or Mont Ventoux is 1912 meters high. Over time, it has been different. In the past there have been indications of 1895, 1909 and 1911 meters. It all has to do with the measurement method and the quality of the measuring equipment, but also mainly about which measuring zero point you are going to use. I suspect the many cyclists take one meter more for granted. Most bald mountain climbers experience the last meters filled with happiness and driven by pure adrenaline...

Mountain biking on the Mont Ventoux

Mountain biking on Mont Ventoux

This photo has been taken on one of the specially designed MTB trails on the Mont Ventoux. The "Le Bikepark de la Ventoux-sud station" is close to Chalet Reynard and has 5 km of downhill runs. In the summer you can use the ski lifts to go up without difficulty. There are 3 different courses with an increasing difficulty, and there is also a spectacular pumptrack for the experts.

The prices (2015) are:
Full day: € 14
Half day: € 10

Children (up to 14 years):
Full day: € 10
Half day: € 8

Groups (from 5 persons) with graduated guide: € 12

Paragliding Mont Ventoux

mont ventoux paragliding
It was a surprise to see paragliders departing from the summit of Mont Ventoux in December. Every season of course offers a different view. In the snow with the white alpine tops in the background makes it very special. Under the guidance of an English speaking instructor anyone with not too much fear of heights can experience this exhilarating once in a lifetime event...
Please take a look at the French website. The rates are shown on the "baptemes" page.
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Sunset on the Mont Ventoux

Sunset on the Mont Ventoux
A special experience during your holiday. At the end of a beautiful clear day it is a spectacular spectacle that slowly takes place. Nice to combine with a drink and snack in picnic style. From us you are at the top in about 40 minutes. It is convenient to bring some warm clothes in case it cools down quickly after the sunset or in case a fresh breeze comes up.
Click here to see a drone video of the sunset.

The special nature of the Mont Ventoux

mont ventoux in summertime
The Mont Ventoux is 1912 meters high and is visible from the wide area in the Vaucluse. The Latin translation is about the mountain where the wind prevails. Wind speeds of 250 km per hour have been recorded on the top of the mountain! The mountain originated 70 million years ago during the ice age and has an asymmetric shape. He has a very steep north side and an elongated south side. The mergel-based limestone underground is best seen on the bald top. The mountain consists of 4 different climate zones with varied vegetation. On the slopes there are more than 400 flower species and more than 900 plant species. In addition, there are more than 100 bird species, and there are foxes, foxes, wild boar, reebok, wezels, hares and rabbits. The Ventoux is very woody with lots of cedars, pine trees, spruces, oaks and maples. The well-known truffle and many mushrooms can be found. All in all, the Ventoux is seen as very valuable. It is therefore a protected nature reserve as a whole.

Training for the Mont Ventoux with Strava

mont ventoux top
Recently I discovered Strava as a tool to start well prepared for the ascent of the Mont Ventoux. In my case my condition was almost zero when I picked up cycling again this summer. In my twenties and early thirties I did a lot of sports. Since our move to France and the renovation of 4 houses of which 2 farms in 13 years I have had little energy for it. Strava offers the possibility with a coupled heart rate monitor and cadence meter to train in a healthy way. You can also keep track of your progress. The only temptation you must be able to resist is not wanting to go faster every time. You simply can not improve your personal records on a certain segment every time... You can follow me via the following link and download many good training GPX routes in the area.

Facilities in the area

  • Baker in Entrechaux 0.6 miles away
  • Mini supermarkt in Entrechaux
  • 2 Bars en 3 restaurants in Entrechaux
  • Supermarkets in Vaison la Romaine at 3.7 miles

We are in southern France at 24 miles (40 km) from Avignon and 74 miles (120 km) from Marseille. It is hilly here with many forests, vineyards and olive groves and the Mont Ventoux that extends everywhere.


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