Cheese shop Lou Canesteou in Vaison la Romaine

Cheese shop Lou Canesteou in Vaison la Romaine
If you are a lover of cheese and wine then you "must" visit this store.
You really have an endless choice. It smells blessed and the cheeses are a lust for the eye. In addition to cheese, they also have a selection of good wines. The store has been voted France's best cheese store in 2004 and the former President Chirac has also visited the shop. The shop is located near Place Montfort where the terraces are. With your back to the terraces you must cross right. Hit the first side street and on the left you will find the store. A brown anti fly curtain hangs in front of the entrance.
Lou Canesteou
10, rue Raspail
Vaison la Romaine Tel. 0033 490 36 31 30

Earthenware pottery at Crestet

Earthenware pottery at Crestet
At the roundabout at Crestet between Vaison la Romaine and Malaucene you will find a pottery shop with endless choice. They offer traditional French pots but also modern variants in all sorts, sizes and colors. A nice souvenir to take home. Note that most of the pots are not frost proof. Those who are are marked wiith a "anti-gel" sign.

Les Halles the covered market in Avignon

Les Halles the covered market in Avignon
Les Halles in Avignon is a covered market with a astonishing green covered facade. There is room for 40 stalls where all kinds of Provençal tasty items are offered for sale. On weekends the local people come together to enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy culinary delights. You need to be on time because there is limited space. At Les Halles there is also a parking garage with 500 spots. From the roof you have a beautiful view of the city.
During the week besides monday opening hours are from 6 - 13.30 and in weekends from 6 - 14.00.

Facilities in the area

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  • Mini supermarkt in Entrechaux
  • 2 Bars en 3 restaurants in Entrechaux
  • Supermarkets in Vaison la Romaine at 3.7 miles

We are in southern France at 24 miles (40 km) from Avignon and 74 miles (120 km) from Marseille. It is hilly here with many forests, vineyards and olive groves and the Mont Ventoux that extends everywhere.


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